Urgent Notice to All Conference Participants

It has been brought to our attention that EHS Housing has recently been cold calling our speakers offering accommodation for a named Fusion conference. Please note that we have no association with EHS Housing and they are acting on our behalf without our permission. We strongly advise that any calls from EHS Housing are ignored or ended immediately. If you are contacted by EHS Housing, please notify us immediately.

All Fusion registration fees are inclusive of accommodation (for three fixed nights) and reservations are handled internally, entirely by Fusion Conferences. If you have any questions concerning your accommodation, please contact Fusion Conferences directly via admin@fusion-conferences.com.

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Delegate Feedback

  • Fusion Team was fantastic! Extremely helpful for me and my family. Unbelievably helpful. Thank you! Prof.Dr. Rik Tykwinski 2nd From Carbon-Rich Molecules to Carbon-Based Materials Conference
  • Probably the best conference I assisted in the last ten years. Congrats! Prof. Jean-Francois Morin 2nd From Carbon-Rich Molecules to Carbon-Based Materials Conference
  • I just wanted to let you know that this was a very good conference, maybe even the best I had ever been to, regarding everything, the science, the organization and the venue. Thank you very much! Dr. Regina Irschick, Specialist in Anatomy, Medical University of Innsbruck Fibroblast Growth Factors in Development and Repair
  • Excellent venue and location with top-notch science. The size was great as well allowing for lots of interaction. Great meeting! Do it again please! Professor Karlene Cimprich, Professor, Stanford University 2nd Exploring DNA Repair Pathways as Targets for Cancer Therapy Conference 2017
  • Amazing conference, hands down the best one I've been to! Perhaps it was due to the high caliber of speakers, and perhaps it was due to the few people present that made people more likely to share their unpublished work. Either way the science was great and so is Cancun! Dr. John Mich, Scientist, Allen Institute for Brain Science Neurogenesis 2016
  • I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job that you and your team did during the Fusion meeting. It was one of the best meetings I have attended in recent memory. Dr. Ben Van Houten, Professor, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute 3rd DNA Replication/Repair Structures and Cancer Conference 2018
  • I truly thought it was a great meeting; the perfect mix of cutting edge science, a very impactful attendee list and a spectacular location. Dr. Moray Campbell, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University Nuclear Receptors Conference 2018
  • It was great working with you again. Fusion really makes being a meeting organizer easy. I look forward to it next time. Dr. Brian Kennedy, President and CEO, Buck Institute for Research on Aging 2nd Interventions in Aging Conference 2017
  • The Personalized Medicine conference was great! You guys do an amazing job. I still can’t believe the gala dinner involved open bar, buffet and live band! I will be sure to keep tabs on the Fusion conference schedule from now on! Anyway, thanks again for a great conference! Dr. Peter Gabriel, Chief Oncology Informatics Officer, Penn Medicine 2nd Personalized Medicine Conference 2017
  • It was really great to work with you and the Fusion team on this meeting. I got wonderful feedback from my colleagues as to how much they enjoyed the science and social mix of this format, and especially the caliber and content of the sessions. Let's hope we can do this again soon. Prof.Dr. Poul Sorenson, Principle Investigator, BC Cancer Research Centre Cell Death, Cell Stress and Metabolism Conference 2017
  • Thanks a lot for your wonderful organization of this RNA nanotechnology international conference, you selected a beautiful and peaceful park for us to enjoy this scientific meeting. Peixuan (Guo) and I appreciate your support and thoughtful considerations to make it a success. Professor Xing-Jie Liang, Deputy Director, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of China RNA Nanotechnology 2016
  • A quick note to say how much I enjoyed this conference and to say what great job I thought you and your team did... in all sincerity I can't imagine how it could have been much better. The level of science at this conference is quite frankly humbling... I get invited all over the world these days for nanotechnology conferences more generally, and it is hard to gauge whether it is worth the investment and time. This conference certainly is. Dr. Robert DeLong, Associate Professor, Kansas State University RNA Nanotechnology 2016
  • Thank you again for the superb job: it has been a real pleasure to work with you and the whole Fusion team! Dr. Giuliano Gregori, Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research 2nd Functional Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy and Information Technology
  • The scientific program was excellent, the speaker diversity and standard very high. The venue is fantastic, not just a great location, but the staff were perfectly service minded, efficient and professional. Small things matter, and they score high for attention to detail. I would very much like to support the Fusion business especially given that it is family run and British. Dr. Eleanor Coffey, Research Director, Abo Akademi University Neurogenesis 2016
  • I would like to continue this meeting series... you were able to recruit an outstanding group of speakers and the size of the meeting is just right. A key role was played by some of the leading scientists, such as Wei Yang and Aidan Doherty... they stimulated thinking and discussion. I came away with the excitement and enthusiasm that is the hallmark of a great meeting. Professor Walter Chazin, Professor, Vanderbilt University 2nd Dynamic DNA and RNA Structures in Damage Responses & Cancer 2016
  • Thank you so much for organizing this outstanding and excellent conference! It was a pleasure to attend this remarkable meeting, and I really enjoyed the scientific program together with the manifold opportunities for networking. The technical support was very helpful, as well as all of the conference materials. The location was also perfect, and I would be very glad and honored to participate actively in the third MMAP conference. Dr. Greta Ricarda Patzke, Professor, University of Zurich 2nd Molecules and Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis 2016
  • I loved the conference and have been advising Fusion all over Oxford. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan, PhD Student, The University of Oxford OAT 2015
  • It was a perfectly organized meeting with the top shots in natural product research. It was a pleasure and a true benefit being part of it. Dr. Elke Heiss, University Assistant, University of Vienna 2nd Natural Products 2015
  • Seriously, best meeting I've been to in 20 years! You guys are the BEST. Professor David Roth, Director of Precision Medicine Program, University of Pennsylvania Chair of Personalized Medicine 2015
  • Thank you for an outstanding conference on Drug Delivery systems. My students both really enjoyed the conference a lot, and I plan to send students next time you hold the conference as well. I would also be interested in taking part in the second conference. I’m glad you have plans to hold it again. I heard great comments all around for attendees. Professor Suzie Pun, Robert F Rushmer Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington Drug Delivery 2015
  • It was a pleasure to take part in such a well-run conference. I hope to work with you in the future. Professor James Bashkin, Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis 2nd DDRI 2015
  • Thanks so much for your support and organization of the MDR Fusion Conference! From what I heard at the Conference, there was tremendous good feeling among the attendees (I have already personally heard from some of the attendees)....makes all the work we put in really worth it! I am very supportive of the mission and focus of the Fusion Conference, and would be very happy to be involved in the future. Professor Rocky Tuan, Director of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Engineering, University of Pittsburgh Chair of MDR 2015
  • Congrats to Catherine and Rocky for organizing an outstanding meeting with superb speakers and excellent organization. The venue was terrific. We need more meetings like this! The size was perfect for discussion and interaction. Don't let it get too big as then it will be like any other meeting. The Fusion people were very helpful when we had to change the schedule at the last minute due to unforeseen delays and strange change in the time zone in Cancun. Overall, one of the best meetings of its kind, and I would certainly come back to it again. Professor Farshid Guilak, Laszlo Ormandy Professor, Duke University Medical Center MDR 2015
  • The aging meeting was a huge success. Congrats! I will fill out the form below. I wanted to say a personal thanks for everything. The the speakers, the venue, the gala event, the kid friendly approach, the personal attention, the relaxed style and Laura's smiles. I’ve been to too many conferences to remember over the past 25 years and this one was the best. I will spread the work about how great Fusion is. See you at the next one I hope. Keep up the great work. Professor David Sinclair, Professor, Harvard Medical School Aging 2015
  • Many thanks for looking after us so well. If you carry on like this, I am confident that your venture will go from strength to strength. We were all extremely happy with the venue and the meeting, and I for one was especially impressed with your super organisational skills and no-nonsense management, as well as your dedication and tireless effort. If I could choose, I would only attend meetings orgnised by you. Professor Josef Jiricny, Professor and Director, Institute of Molecular Cancer Research DNA 2014
  • Thank you again for the great job on the conference. I have told several people about your company and to look for your conferences. Professor Brent Korba, Professor, Georgetown University Medical Center Antiviral 2014
  • Thanks again for everything. Your team was superb. Hope we meet again. Thank you and your team for allowing us to attract some of the best in our area of expertise. Although the meeting was small I received great feedback. We also enjoyed meeting you mother and you. Dr. Raymond Schinazi, Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Emory University School of Medicine Chair of Antiviral 2014
  • What a great meeting! So many said that it was the best they ever attended. Really a privilege to be there. Thanks for your fantastic organizing and fabulous personality. I truly appreciated having the chance to work with you. Dr. Bruce Zetter, Charles Nowiszewski Professor of Cancer Biology, Boston Children's Hospital Chair of BTMC 2014
  • Thank you very much for organizing such a fantastic conference! I have been to many and I can say this was one of the most interesting/stimulating workshops I have ever been. Dr. Dario Marrocchelli, Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology OTF 2014
  • Many thanks again for the wonderful conference in Chicago! It was a pleasure meeting you and your team. As I mentioned, if I ever have to organize a conference, I will certainly call on you. Thank you again for all your efforts. The conference was a smashing success and I was honoured to be a part of it. Dr. Chris Paschall, Licensing Manager, University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group EFP 2014
  • Thank you for the most memorable and enjoyable conference. You cannot beat perfection: I do not quite see how you can do better. Looking forward to our next (ad)venture together. Dr. Mukund Chorghade, President & CSO, THINQ Pharma Chair of NP 2014
  • I wanted to congratulate you both on a superb meeting in Cancun. I thought the program was outstanding. I learned a tremendous amount and appreciated all the learning interactivity the program offered. Thank you for the opportunity to attend and I look forward to attending another conference in the future. Dr. Sarah Guadagno, Sr. Director, Medical and Scientific Communications, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals CVD 2014
  • Tom and I wanted to thank you for doing such a splendid job. We really appreciate all the things you did to make the conference enjoyable and productive for all. Professor John Tainer, Director of SIBYLS, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Chair of DDRC 2014
  • Thanks to you and to your colleagues for your patience and wonderful organisation of what was a fantastic conference. Thanks to John for his wonderful networking and encouragement. The science was great, the participants interactive, the venue perfect and the support really splendid. Sir Tom Blundell, Director of Research, University of Cambridge Chair of DDRC 2014
  • Many thanks to you and the rest of the Fusion team for the time and effort you put into organizing the DNA Damage Responses meeting. It was a great conference, with plenty of opportunities to interact with colleagues and talk about science. I am looking forward to attending the next one ! Best wishes. Professor Sylvie Doublié, Professor, University of Vermont DDRC 2014
  • Hi Laura, I wanted to thank you again for a great job at the DDRI. We appreciate Fusion’s attention to every detail and enthusiastic leadership of the meeting. It was successful beyond our expectations. We look forward to putting together another great program in 2015. Dr. Bill Kinney, Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Blumberg Institute & IteraMed Chair of DDRI 2013
  • If this was the first conference your company has organized, I would say congratulations are in order. You have found a niche and I think bringing together smaller interest groups has bridged a gap. Dr. Philip Cox, Chief Scientist, Noramco Inc DDRI 2013